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The Carlings Story

The Carlings Story

In 1908 Swedish immigrant Fridolf Carling opened a men's oufitters in Storgata – Oslo. This store was to become one of the most popular men's clothing stores in Oslo for the better part of a century. Little did Fridolf know that this would be the origin of the jeans chain Carlings…

In the sixties Frank Varner opened his first store in Thorvald Meyersgate at Grünerløkka in Oslo. The store that bore the name "Frank Varner" became a great success. In a few years there were several "Frank Varner" stores and this was the beginning of the Varner group textile company. In 1980 Frank Varner acquired the menswear store Carlings in storgata and in 1982 transformed it into a Jeans store.

1986 We opened 4 stores bearing the same name around Norway and Carlings as a store chain is born. The first stores were Skien, Stavanger, Arkaden Oslo, and Bogstadveien 31. Today there are close to 90 stores spread around the country.

1996 Opening of the first Carlings store in Gdinia Poland. This was the first Carlings store outside of Norway.

1997 Opening of the first Carlings store – Kungsgatan 2, Stockholm – in Sweden. Today there are more than 80 stores in Sweden.

2001 Opening of the first Carlings store in Åbo, Finland

2003 Opening of the first store in Denmark.

Today we are close to 200 stores in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland and we are continuously searching for new cities and locations.

Carlings is a part of the Varner Group textile company with central administration located at Billingstad outside of Oslo. In addition to this we have a regional office in Ørebro, Sweden.