Elvine | Carlings (Sweden) | Sweden


Elvine is a Gothenburg based clothing brand founded in 2001 making “sophisticated clothes for unsophisticated behavior”. Elvine Mänd worked as a seamstress in Estonia during the Second World War. When the Russians invaded, Elvine made a run for Estonia’s neighbour, Sweden.
In 1975, Elvine’s daughter gave birth to a boy named Daniel Mänd, who would revive Elvine in a whole new way. Daniel grew up in the outskirts of Gothenburg, and quickly became one with the streets and its graffiti culture. With the opening of his own street wear store, Daniel realized what it was he and his friends weren’t able to find in the clothing industry. He wanted to create something that came entirely from him and Gothenburg’s unrefined street
culture, but made in the tradition of his grandmother. Wanting to reach people from the street, Daniel found inspiration in his everyday life, and more importantly, in his friends. It was about having a good time and bringing his community closer together.
And somehow, the founder had become the very essence of his own brand. The unsophisticated boy from the streets became obsessed with quality and sophisticated craftsmanship. Daniel’s life on the streets merged with his grandmother’s functional legacy to create a new kind of Elvine: “Sophisticated clothes for unsophisticated behavior”


Available at Carlings in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Offers may vary from store to store.