Karve - [Hand Crafted Jeans]

Karve - [Hand Crafted Jeans]

KARVE is a cutting edge jeans brand from Scandinavia. With attention to details, we've developed fits and shades of supreme quality. Because jeans should be made to be lived in.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel for KARVE

We are very proud to announce that our jeans brand KARVE is now officially part of the Nordic Swan Family.
- This is a milestone for us, especially since we are a young jeans brand, says KARVE designer Martin Gustafsson.

- Customers today have a much higher demand regarding environmental issues when they purchase a product,
but to try to turn around the entire clothing industry is a far fetched idea.
However, we wanted to make our brand as eco friendly as possible and we have worked very hard for this since day one.
Thoroughly examining the entire production process to find “green” options has paid of, explains Martin

Carlings are therefore incredibly proud to be one of the very first companies to offer Nordic Swan eco friendly jeans in their selection.

The Nordic Swan is an ecolabel of high regard among both suppliers & consumers and the criteria are many and strict.
They are known for being very thorough in validating products, so when a product is approved,
all levels of production has been closely monitored by them, from cotton to finished product.

- This has been an incredibly valuable process that continually keeps us striving for new goals, Martin continues.

All KARVE jeans are created by former Acne jeans-designer Martin Gustafson.
Carlings will launch the KARVE SS17 collection in all stores world wide.
The first batch of Nordic Swan Ecolabel jeans will be four styles; two indigo & two black.
The goal is to have all KARVE jeans Ecolabel approved by Nordic Swan within the next two years.

About Swan-labeled clothes

• Certified organic cotton (no use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides in the cultivation of cotton)

• Does not contain formaldehyde, environmental toxins, hormone disrupting substances or anti-bacterial agents (nano-silver, triclosan)

• Biodegradable chemicals are used when spinning the threads. These chemicals are known to disappear quickly and do not constitute a hazard to animals and plants in the area

• Zero use of dyes that are toxic or that may provoke allergies or cancer

• Ensured good working conditions for factory workers

• Documented results of minimal shrinking. The color stays, and does not bleed

Available in all Carlings stores