- Vi Duc Troung, skateboarder 

Instagram username: @viductroung

Vi Duc is a skateboarder and photographer based in Oslo. We met him to talk about his life and style.


When did you start skating?


–      I started skating when I was eleven years old, and since then I just never stopped. Now it’s twenty years later, and I’m still doing it. I always loved skating.


What does skating bring to your life?


–      Skating means a lot to me. Since I started, I’ve become more social, I’m meeting and getting to know so many new people. I have also gotten to travel, where I have met a lot of different people. It has changed me a lot.


What is the best part of your day?


–      The best part of the day is when I see that I can skate outside. I see the sunrise come up and the dry ground, I have a cup of coffee and think “today is the day”.

Where do you find inspiration?


–      I always get inspiration from skateboard videos. I looked up to these skaters when I was younger and have also met them, which made me more inspired. I also get inspired by architecture around the city, in Europe and other places in the world. I get more creative from it.


Tell us about the first piece of clothing you bought for yourself


–      I remember my first hoodie. It was pitch black and the inside was so soft. After I put it on for the first time, I never took it off, and I never washed it, so it became more brown. The first pair of pants was this pair of gray jeans. I skated in them almost every day. It got more and more holes, but I didn’t care, I just kept skating until it was trashed up.

In what way do you use style to portray your personality?


–      I was looking up a few of my favorite skaters, and they inspired what I’m wearing. I just made it more my style and my taste. I like baggy pants and big clothes. I often think of how I can combine greys and blues and how to kind of copy my idols.


What’s your favorite piece of denim?


–      I like baggy jeans! I also like the thickness of denim because I feel comfortable in it. At the same time, I feel safe if I fall off my skateboard.