Styling tips fra Mira og Thilda Berlind

Mira Berglind and Thilda Berglind are a sister duo behind the Instagram account @MIRATHILDA. The Swedish sisters work as photographers, content creators, stylists, and models. Committed to long lasting items, Carlings asked the duo about their love for denim, favorite jeans are and how they style denim.

How would you describe your style?

-       Comfortable! We have never been” into fashion”, following trends or renewing our wardrobe every time a new trend is coming.  We believe in building up a wardrobe with clothes that last over time. We have a weakness for the 70s, with flared and comfortable jeans. 

 What is the most important “denim classic” piece in your wardrobe?  

-       Levi’s 501! Love them since forever.


 What are your favorite jeans fit?

-       High wide and loose!  Our absolute favorite jeans right now are Levi’s High Loose and Stella A Line Jeans

How do you style jeans for daywear and evening wear?

-       We like to keep it quite simple, blue jeans with a white top or a T-shirt for daywear and we would put on an oversized blazer for evening wear. For us it is important that we can work in the clothes we are wearing.  Our job often includes crawling on the ground and carrying around a lot of equipment, therefore are jeans and a t-shirt the perfect thing to wear for that. 


 Key elements when buying jeans?  

-       We LOVE high waist when it comes to jeans. 

 What are your best fashion tips?

-       Think before you buy! Buy clothes that last over a long time!


Who or what inspires you?

-       French countryside, friends and the happy 70’s.