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The DIY Series, pt. 1 – Denim Jacket

Bring new life to old favorites. Tired of your favorite jeans, but not keen on throwing them away? Amp up your festival style with your head-turning homemade denim jacket.

The DIY Series, pt.2 - Ripped Hem

Forslag tekst: Brush it off! Add the extra touch you’ve always wanted for your denim closet. Cut, fold and brush and you’ve got yourself a “new” pair of jeans. Easy to customize, easy to wear.

The DIY Series, pt.3 - Shorts

Rock out, with your knees out! It only takes three steps. Cut, fold, brush, and your denim jeans are transformed into cool and comfy shorts of the season.

The DIY Series, pt.4 – Ripped knees

Rip it up! Add a casual vibe to your denim with ripped jeans. Easily done, and awesome to wear. 

The DIY Series, pt.5 – Get Creative

Old, but gold. Release your inner artist and transform a old pair of jeans. Old, but still good- and hey – all of a sudden a piece of self-made art.