Styling tips fra Jasmin Muurinen

Content creator and influencer Jasmin Muurinen is known for her beautiful and effortless style trough her Instagram profile @jasminmuurinen. Classic pieces, jeans and secondhand bargains is Jasmin’s go-to. Carlings asked her Carlings asked her about her love for denim, what her favorite jeans are and how she styles denim.

How would you describe your style? 

-       My style is 90% good classic pieces that never seem to go out of style. I love black, white, grey, denim and leather which are easily combined. I also do a lot of thrifting, so I love to combine second hand -items to my outfits as much as possible. 


What is the most important “denim classic” piece in your wardrobe?  

-       I think it has always been a pair of blue Levi’s. Currently my go to model is Ribcage Straight from Levi’s and has been so for a while - it is the perfect fit! 


What are your favorite jeans fit?

-       If I can only choose one, I would go for the straight. I do love a wide leg as well but in the Nordic climate I tend to opt for it during the drier seasons. 


How do you style jeans for daywear and evening wear? 

-       I love to just wear a basic t shirt, jeans, and a leather jacket during the day. I would say that is the outfit I feel most comfortable and the most me in. For the night I'd change the shirt into a secondhand silk shirt with golden buttons and ad a necklace, maybe a bit of red lipstick and a nice handbag. 


Key elements when buying jeans?  

-       I would say ultimately comes down to finding the right fit. For me, jeans always need to be high waisted and a bit tight on the first try so they do not turn out too big when they stretch a bit.  


What are your best fashion tips? 

-       I would say to go with what you feel is best for you. If you feel like always wearing safe choices, like me most of the time, go for it. Ultimately choosing what to wear comes down to how are you going to feel the best in what you are wearing. If you feel amazing in a pink sequin shirt - go for it even on the weekdays. You are dressing for yourself! 


 Who or what inspires you? 

-       I get a lot of inspiration when you sit in a cafe and watch the people go by. I love doing this especially on holiday in Copenhagen, Paris, Stockholm etc. because you see things you might not see in your hometown. Obviously, there is not much of this happening right now, but you can still follow people from everywhere on social media. It does not maybe sound as fun but it will get the job done.