How would you describe your style?

-           I would describe my style as very mixed, I cannot name it and prefer not to set any direct rules. Comfort, sporty but still a bit flirty. Sometimes I want to be Carrie Bradshaw with high Manolo Blahnik heels, colourful short dresses, and mixed prints. Other days wear clothes inspired by minimalism, straight lines, and neutral colours. However, this does not mean I also go all in on streetstyle and wear sneakers, baggy jeans, and a bomber jacket. But ultimately, I am a jeans and t-shirt girl and own at least 50 pairs of jeans.


What is the most important denim piece in your wardrobe? 

-           Hard to choose. My leg shape really fits all different models, and depending on trends, but right now I mostly wear straight jeans with a little loose fit.


How do you style jeans for daywear and evening wear?

-           During the day I mostly wear jeans, t - shirt, a jacket, and sneakers.


-           In the evening I would wear jeans, a nice shorter tank top, a jacket that comes off after dinner and heels in some lovely colour Cannot wait to be able to go to a party again!


Key elements when buying jeans? 

-           The most important element for me when wearing jeans is comfort, as I have never been a fan of jeans squeezing and making me feel at unease. I need to be able to eat without feeling the buttons will pop open.