Karim Palmélune, vogue dancer

Instagram username: @karim.palmelune

Karim is a vogue dancer, model, and student. We met him in a photo studio in Oslo to talk about his life and style.  


Describe a day in your everyday life


–      A normal day for me would be to wake up, get dressed, go to school, and hang out with friends later. Then make a dinner and dance.


When did you start voguing, and how was the process?


–      I started vogueing about two years ago after meeting some people at Pride who kind of took me in. I vogued my first ball two years ago, and it just developed from that moment. I didn’t really have any dancing background, so, vouge has always been kind of freestyle. I started teaching myself through YouTube, and when I met the people at Pride, they helped me get where I am today. It has been a really good process.


What does Vogueing bring to your life?


–      It brings a lot of things. The most important is friendships, and of course being able to travel and have a house in another country. Not like a material house, but like a family home. Vouge is a new way for me to express myself. It brings a lot of joy to my life.


Where do you find inspiration?


–      I think I inspire myself a lot though how I feel. I also take a lot of inspiration from femme queens in New York. I like watching voguing videos on Instagram and look at what I can learn and take away from it.


Tell us about the first piece of clothing you bought for yourself


–      The first piece that really meant something to me I would say was a really nice pair of pants that I bought in Paris. They fit me well, and they mean a lot.


In what way do you use style to portray your personality?


–      I would say my style is simple, yet it has that little oomph to it. It’s simple, but sometimes I can be a little sassy.


What’s your favorite piece of denim?


–      All my pants are denim. I wear them every day. So, that’s how denim is a part of my life. The most important is that they fit well. I love wearing jeans.


What is the key item of your wardrobe?


I think a great pair of jeans can make an outfit look a lot better. I think that’s the key item. It covers half of your body, so, they should fit well