This fit is straight through the hips, but goes slimmer towards the ankle. A fitted, but casual shape – the perfect pair if you can’t decide between skinny or slim fit. Available in slim, regular and relaxed waist shapes.

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A timeless and commercial fit with more room in either thighs or legs for an effortless look. Most styles come in a solid stretch to embrace the shape of the jeans. 

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A skin-tight fit with awesome stretch qualities that makes it a cool and comfy style. Warning: avoid if claustrophobic!

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The original denim! A classic fit that never goes out of style. The straight-legged fit often comes with stretch, but you can also get it in 100% cotton – the jeans of pioneers.

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A little baggier around the hips and thighs makes this a comfy, cool fit. The perfect choice if you like to oversize your look.

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Washing instructions

Washing your jeans is easy, but important to do correctly. You can easily check the brands washing instruction in the label inside your jeans – or use our quick and easy steps below:


Need to know


-Empty all pockets

-Turn the jeans inside out and close the button

-Set the temperature at maximum 30 degree Celsius

-Use fluid detergent (washing powder is ok) without bleach.

-Wash the jeans alone

-When finished, stretch the legs to minimize shrinkage and hang the jeans to air dry


Nice to know:

Washing jeans will wear them out and loss of colour will occur over time. To take good care of your jeans AND be environmental, consider hanging jeans outside to air out or using a wet cloth to clean dirt or spots, before you decide to wash them.

After washing, your jeans might feel a bit extra tight, don’t worry, they will reshape back to normal as soon as you start wearing them again.



Use fabric softener, as this destroys the stretch and other bad things

Tumble dry, as the denim may shrink and wear out quicker


True black

Together with renowned textile producer ISKO we’ve developed True Black. Using a variety of techniques, we’ve created a deeper and longer-lasting black color that attracts less dust than regular black jeans. Black to the core, KARVE’s black jeans will stay black no matter what you put them through. In fact, they’re tested to last at least ten times longer than your normal pair of black denim jeans. So really, True Black is the new black.