With a body-hugging, narrow fit, the skinny works for both everyday wear and dressy occasions. It usually comes with a lot of stretch so that you are comfortable yet get a tight and long-lasting pair of denim, that never goes out of style. It also comes in different waist heights, from high to low. 


Elegant and classy, the bootcut celebrates the feminine shape and is easy to dress up and down. This fit is tight through the thighs and wider from the knee out. Here, you can choose between a straighter ankle, like the classic bootcut, or go wider for a full out flare.  



With the straight fit, you get an even wider leg than the skinny or the slim categories. It can be different widths, but it is always straight from the top down. Comfy, yet super trendy at the same time, this is a fit that works well if you want to achieve the classic denim look.  



The slim fit is a bit wider throughout the leg compared to the skinny. In this category there is several subcategories that make it easy to find a new favorite. Some are straight from the waist down, and some have varying widths in the thigh area – like the mom, the girlfriend/boyfriend and the carrot that all have a more tapered leg.  


Going for the old school baggy wibe? The wide fit is definitely for you. As the name suggest, this is the widest of our jeans, with plenty of room from waist to ankle. If you would like a little more shape, find one with a slightly slimmer opening at the foot, or opt for a classic retro feel with an A-shape.