Inside Carlings and Bik Bok x Never Denim runway party


Thursday, 19th of August, Carlings and Bik Bok invited editors, models, and fashion insiders to a live fashion show at our headquarters to present the relaunch of Never Denim. Picked up by boat, then brought to Varner’s rooftop for mingle, drinks and food, in the company of DJ Ida Dillan.


The Norwegian label, Never Denim, was created by Bik Bok in 2008. With the relaunch, the brand has made changes in the visual look of the brand with a logo and brand identity. Never Denim combines street culture with timeless denim fashion, with a strong focus on diversity.


Click here to see all of Carling’s Never Denim jeans.


This is a collection of garments from the Never Denim Fashion Show on August 19th. Some of the styles will be available in stores and online continuously throughout the Autumn 2021.