[ FAQ ]

How The T-Shirt Works:

The T-Shirt features a graphical logo designed to serve as a tracking point for your phone. Using Spark AR — the technology behind Instagram’s face filters and stickers — your phone can digitally superimpose new designs unto the tee. It can even adjust the image to align with the movement and drapes of the shirt.

Users can choose between a selection of animated statement designs, continuously updated to reflect daily news and current topics. Video: https://youtu.be/a3TQzgyIk1o

How To:
1. Open Instagram, go to carlings_official
2. Point phone at the t-shirt ATF Logo using front facing camera
3. Get camera close to logo to activate filter
4. Select T-Shirt Design/Filter
5. Capture Image and Post
6. TAG #adDRESSthefuture

1. Video is best to show the technology
2. Always ensure the T-shirt logo and filter logos ‘match’ or ‘pair up’ to
activate the design
3. Works better on iOS/iPhone devices (pls borrow iPhone if Android user)*
4. Always use front facing camera (get a friend to take the video)
5. Natural light is better, for best tracking result.
6. Won’t work in the dark
7. Try not to move too fast when being filmed

* Works on most smartphones with the latest operating system and Instagram app version, however for best results use an iOS device. If the message "Unable to show effect" is prompted your device is not supported by the Instagram or Facebook app.